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Octavia Autumnborne

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Octavia's Story

Spoiler Warning for Shadowbringers ahead, as well as location spoilers.

This section is a work in progress, and will be ready to show when it's done ♥

"During our travels we had made it into Eorzea, and the sky was a deep grey. The red moon Dalamud had been getting closer to the lands, and the people in the cities gave off an anxiety of what the future held. Then, as if the Fates themselves grew angry, a great Wyrm broke free from Dalamud. All I saw were fires raging around me, scouring the lands asunder. As my vision faded, I opened my eyes once more to a bright light, brighter than anything I've known, laying in a large field. A frog-like machine approached me, followed in suit by a short bearded individual, dressed in green. While he stuttered his words, he introduced himself as Ronitt, and took me to his village for food and "grog" as he called it. I had no idea where I was, other than I felt a strange sensation of home around these people who referred to themselves as the Dwarves of Tomra."

A World Bathed in Light: Isekai

During Bahamut's rage that torched Eorzea and beyond in the Seventh Umbral Calamity, Octavia was mysteriously transported to a foreign land, where the daytime never ended, where Light overpowered Darkness. After a brief moment of taking in the mountainous region around her, Octavia was greeted by the sounds of a machine churning; a frog-like contraption on three wheels moved towards her, followed closely by another being that shared a similar height and stature to her.

Having been brought back to his village, Octavia was bombarded with questions from the townsfolk ranging from where she hailed from, what's with her garb, and most common of all: Where is your scarf? With each pestering question, her gaze deepened into the tankard of "grog" they had given her."Where am I? How did I end up here? "These questions raced in her mind as fast as the folk around her, the Dwarves of Tomra as they referred to themselves, would go through their grog. Despite a being a complete stranger to them, they treated her with hospitality comparable to that of her tribe.

For the next few years, Octavia traveled the land she came to know as Norvrandt, and it's history. Along the way, she helped Ronitt grow as a person, co-founding the group at Watt's Anvil alongside him and others, and helping bringing to life the concept of the Rolling Tankard, a dwarven warmachina.With production in full swing, she played a key role in distributing units out to buyers looking for protection on the roads from the stray Sin Eater, wild beast, or bandit.

With her connections made from Ronitt's group at Watt's Anvil, she came into contact with a group of mages who helped supply her with a library of knowledge for her to study, and perfect her teleportation spells.Able to freely travel between the Source and First, Octavia frequently visits those she grew close with over the several years she made Norvrandt her home.

Early Life

Whether it was a freak accident with magicks, or intentional, Octavia's tribe came to Eorzea through a large portal during the height of magic in the Fifth Astral Era, and quickly allied themselves with the group of black mages that called Mhach home. While most of her tribe was wiped out after the great flood that was the Sixth Calamity, small holdouts remained around the ruins of Mhach alongside other mages that chose to remain.Octavia was born on the 7th Sun of the 3rd Astral Moon sometime in the Sixth Umbral Era, her parents among those who survived the calamity. At this time, Clan Autumnborne had become a nomadic tribe of goblins and lalafell, navigating sea and land to hunt for any remnants of magical artifacts that remained after the world became flooded. Per tribe customs, she would be taught to hunt, prepare what she hunted for food/clothing/etc, and the premises of magicks for self defense.

Clan Autumnborne

Clan Autumnborne, initially, was a tribe of goblins from another dimension, who came to Eorzea through a magic portal during the height of the Fifth Astral Era. These goblins quickly allied themselves with the black mages of Mhach, in an effort to gain more magical power in a land foreign to them.Post calamity, most of Clan Autumnborne was wiped out, and those who held out worked to expand their numbers with any mages who survived the great floods.

Clan Autumnborne as a tribe consists of the following: The Chieftain, their priests/priestesses, hunters and gatherers, and traders.Priests and Priestesses consist of the bulk of the mages in the clan. A typical priest/priestess practiced both white and black magicks, either specializing in one or both.

The hunters, gatherers, and traders consist of their botanists, miners, and fishers. They are what contribute to the tribe's food supply, as well as their monetary income.Those who didn't fall into the above groups, provided in the form of crafters: The cooks, weavers, smithies, etc. Everyone provided for the clan to some degree once turned the age of 16.

Devout followers of Menphina, one of their core customs is using the stars to navigate where their travels took them. Clan Autumnborne was made up of various races as the years went on, going from just a pack of goblins to a mini-society in itselfOctavia's blood-family are of the original goblins who made up the tribe originally. While they no longer have the numbers they used to, their ferocity within the clan allows for them to still hold a position of leadership within Clan Autumnborne.

Octavia Autumnborne

Race: GoblinNameday: 7th Sun of the Third Astral MoonAge: Approximately 600 years oldHeight: 3'2"Guardian: Menphina, the LoverClass: Wizard, BardShort Info: Octavia is a goblin born to a nomadic tribe known as Clan Autumnborne, which has roots dating back to the 5th astral era. Born with a lust for anything magic, she hoards anything from simple grimoires to artifacts of great power inside her clan's dojo. Thanks to some of these artifacts, Octavia has achieved a form of immortality where she has stopped aging entirely.

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